What is Revelations? It’s a cider celebration for our one-year anniversary of being in business!

We wanted to do something special for all of the support we’ve received and so we’re doing a month of all new, limited run keg releases. It’s a fun way for us to flex our cider-making skills after a long winter.

Revelations will be on every year, finishing off with an extra special release for our anniversary (March 26th).

The ciders will be served at partner bars across the province. Check out the poster below for this year’s releases and where you’ll be able to find them as of March 1st!


Revelations: Partner Bars and Restaurants


Wvrst – – 609 King St W

Trinity Common – – 303 Augusta Ave

Pharmacy Bar – 1318 King St W

The 47 – 1211 Bloor St W

Lansdowne – 303 Lansdowne Ave

The Only Cafe – – 972 Danforth Ave – 18 King St E

Tequila – 512 Queen St W

The Grover Pub – 676 Kingston Rd

The Paddock – 178 Bathurst St

Bar – 587 Yonge St


Borealis Bar and Grille – – 1388 Gordon St

Baker St. – 76 Baker St

The Woolwich Arrow – – 176 Woolwich St


Brux House – – 137 Locke St S

The – 23 Augusta St


Milo’s Craft Beer – 420 Talbot St