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Ontario’s Revel Cider goes nuts for one-year anniversary

Wines in Niagara | March 2016 | Rick Vansickle

It doesn’t get any more grassroots or visceral than the craft cider industry in Ontario. The start-ups thrive on the fringes, working their asses off, taking no salary for a year or more, and pressing out one crazy concoction after another. Some work, some don’t, but they keep driving on.

They can only hope one tweet, one Facebook post catches fire and captures the imagination of drinks lovers in the hopes they will seek out the miniscule production of the latest one-off elixir on tap at some funky bar in downtown Toronto.

It’s called brand building, and the small, boutique craft cider makers have to do it one keg at a time, day after day after day, with no budget and little financial backing….

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Revel Cider and Clifford Brewing to release Apfel-Märzen hybrid

Ontario Beer Network | | Chris Burek

Guelph/Hamilton – Revel Cider Co. and Clifford Brewing Co. have announced the upcoming release of its collaborative Apfel-Märzen beer-cider hybrid.

Their concept takes the grain bill of a traditional German-style Märzen and mashes it into a base of cider instead of water during the brewing process.

“We’ve  hopped it with Perle grown by Clear Valley Hops. Perle was our hop choice since it’s traditionally a German hop varietal and we thought it would fit the style,” says Tariq Ahmed, founder of Revel Cider….

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