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Revel Cider celebrates first year with Revelations releases

Ontario Beer Network | March 2016 | Chris Burek

Guelph –  Revel Cider Co. celebrates its first anniversary this March with four new cider releases during its Revelations celebration.

“We wanted to do something special for all of the support we’ve received and so we’re doing a month of all new, limited run keg releases. It’s a fun way for us to flex our cider-making skills after a long winter,” says Revel founder Tariq Ahmed….

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Triple X Aggressively Hopped Cider Collaboration Announced

Ontario Beer Network | | Chris Burek

Hamilton, ON – One of Ontario’s first “aggressively hopped” ciders was announced this week as part of a collaboration between Clifford BrewingWest Avenue Cider Co., and Revel Cider.

It is, essentially, a hard cider version of an IPA, they describe, budded Triple X Cider.

“Adding dry hops is a common used technique in craft cider making but in this case the
crew employed hopping techniques more akin to the brewing process, bringing the cider up to near boiling temperatures and adding high alpha acid hops at various times to extract high levels of hop bitterness.”…

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