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Old man yells at snow (Winter Shipping for Western Canada)

Old man yells at snow

Hi friends. I have some winter updates for you: both bad and good.

Let's start with the bad.

We've had more than a few shipments out west freeze lately, so we've made the temporary decision to ship all orders west of Ontario via 2-day Xpresspost. It's the only guaranteed way to get them there without freezing.

Normally we would just eat the extra cost, but with the spike in gas prices Canada Post is charging almost triple what they used to for this. So you'll see a temporary $55 shipping cost at checkout, even if you order $150+.

Now here's the (kind of) good news.

1. We recently shipped pallets to our importers in Alberta and Manitoba, and we're working on another for B.C.

Those exciting holiday bottles that are sold out online? There are a few cases of each tucked away on each pallet. So you'll be able to find our best blends in your local shops before long.

We'll be updating this page with all the shops where you can find our cider, wine & vermouth.

2. If you prefer ordering online and are ok waiting, I've created a free shipping code for you (for orders $150+). Use the code HOLDPLEASE150 at checkout to remove the $55 shipping cost. We'll hold all orders that come in with this code till April 1st (or earlier if it warms up sooner).

3. And finally, we'll also save a few bottles of each winter release until the spring, so that you get a chance to order them down the line.


Sorry for headache folks. But thank you for understanding, and for all of your support. Summer is coming.

All my best,

Founder—Revel Cider

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