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Lantana is Seyval Blanc, from vines planted in 1978. The grapes were hand harvested in September 2020, in Lincoln Ontario. 

Fermented in stainless steel, on skins for 7 days. We added a little bit of apple juice just before bottling to encourage a bottle fermentation for natural bubbles -Méthode Ancestrale. 

Lantana is sparkling funk. It's beautiful, but it would benefit from a little more ageing. If you want to open it young, we recommend decanting it. It drinks somewhere between Viognier and Melon de Bourgogne.

It is quite young right now, and has a sulphur aroma which will fade with time. If you open it now, don’t chill it, and let it breath for a few hours before enjoying.

We like to see a little bit of sulphur aroma in wines this young, because it will protect them as they age. This is natural sulphur, liberated from proteins in the juice by our microflora. If you open it young, simply swirl your glass vigorously or decant the bottle - this wine needs to breathe.

Or, age your bottle in a warm dark place for a couple weeks. It will be delicious in a few weeks, and will age beautifully over a few years.

What's it like? Petroleum Jelly. Soft peach acidity. Salty river rocks. Funky, Catalonian cheese.

This wine is incredibly stable. Save your bottle and drink the rest on day 3. Its growth in the open air is a really lovely experience.

10% ABV | 750mL

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