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The ibi Pack

The ibi Pack

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Each of these cans of wine are blended with a little bit of fruited cider—our way of enhancing the fruit notes of each grape.

The 12 pack includes 4 of each of the cans below, while the 24 pack includes 8 of each at a nice discount.

The cans included are:

Skin Contact Vidal: A blend of Vidal fermented on skins, and nectarine cider. Vidal naturally has a peachy/honey vibe, and the added nectarine cider pushes that over the edge. Fresh and friendly with bright acidity, and notes of ripe stone fruit. 10.5% ABV

Winkle: A blend of De Chaunac and cherry cider, Winkle starts with aromas of blackberries, cherries and Syrah. Grape and cherry tannins meld together in a beautiful way. The end result is like a bumbleberry pie, without the sugar. 8.2% ABV

Olo: A blend of Zweigelt and strawberry cider Olo drinks like strawberries with whipped cream. Fresh and punchy, the lively aromas of our strawberries are tempered by the weight of the Zweigelt. 8.8% ABV

Each can in this mixed pack is gluten free.

Please note!: These cans are sparkling and must be chilled well before opening. We like to think of them as 2-3 glasses of wine each.


New to ibi? Start with this mixed pack.

Each of these blends is wild fermented and unfiltered—and all of the fruit we use is grown locally or foraged in the wild.

We don't add any sugar either, making our blends truly dry - perfect for solo nights after work or casual days with friends.

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