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A still, orange Riesling from 2021, fermented on skins for 22 days. Sustainably grown in Beamsville ON, from vines planted in 1999.

Matured in 500L oak puncheons for 6 months, and aged in bottle for just over a year to blossom and develop.

What's it like?: This wine is incredible after it's lengthy ageing period. It's so fragrant: think guava, granadilla, white tea and a touch of sweet oak.

On your palate it's mango, lemon drops and ripe peaches, with those chewy tannins we've come to associate with skin fermented white wines and ciders made from old world apples.

It's tannic, but not too tannic. This vintage of Walden is delightful as a drink to think on, but it also fits into a casual afternoon. Enjoy lightly chilled.

10.2% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Riesling. Gluten free.

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar. Vegan.
Beginner explanation for 'orange wines'

If you are unfamiliar with orange wines—they aren't made from oranges! The term refers to the hue that white wines get when you ferment them on skins (a treatment that most red wines undergo). Whites tend to get an orange colour to them, along with plenty of added texture and aroma.

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