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The Essentials Pack

The Essentials Pack

The Essentials Pack

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Our answer to the question: "What are we drinking tonight?"

We get it—it's hard to know what to get when our lineup is always changing. But it's also part of the magic of working with seasonal ingredients.

The Essentials Pack is a rotating mix of our favourites.

These three bottles are a great place to start if you’re new to Revel, or if you’re just looking to try our current personal favourites.

Today, The Essentials Pack includes these 3 bottles:

Ribbon: A juicy co-ferment, made with red plums, blueberries and Muscat wine. 6.7% ABV

Riesling Piquette: Consistently our favourite piquette, this one is a baby orange wine. Bright, textural and easy. Like peach iced tea but with Riesling. 4% ABV

Northern Spy: A pithy, textured single varietal cider, Northern Spy is an annual favourite of ours. It drinks like a dry, French cidre with soft acidity and tannins that build with each sip. It finishes with citrus pith and the body of Viognier. 7.7% ABV 

Each blend is gluten free and vegan friendly with zero added sugar.

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