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All Day
All Day
All Day

All Day

All Day

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This bottle contains...

A cider we'd like to drink all day, every day.

All Day is a blend of cider with strawberries and a cider macerated on whole blue and red plums for 8 months.

The strawberries and plums together reminded us of something floral we couldn't quite put our finger on. We decided to lean into it and added a small amount of lavender.

What's it like?: Strawberries and lavender are perfectly balanced in this vintage—they arrive at the same time in the aroma. The purple flowers play off the soft florality of these fresh Ontario strawberries.

The sharp, short tannins of our dark plum skins ground our flowers texturally, just present long enough for a quick kiss on the cheek. Plum acid gives the petals a springboard to jump onto your tongue, without making this blend too sharp. We'd call this 'medium' acidity, whatever that means.

All Day is perfect for surreptitious jaunts in the park. Soft and chuggable.

6.7% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, strawberries, red and blue plums, lavender. Gluten free.

Wild ferment, zero added sugar, vegan.

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