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Northern Spy
Northern Spy
Northern Spy

Northern Spy

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Northern Spy is a classic for us.

We don't ferment in stainless steel, so our microflora has ample access to oxygen when it's fermenting. If done right this can lead to a richness that is so so beautiful.

What's it like? Spy this year has key lime acidity, and chalky tannins that build with each sip. It drinks like a clean French cidre; a beautiful and textural expression of the fruit. It's got the width of a Werther's Original, without any of the sweetness.

Made with zero added sulphites.

6.4% | 750mL


$500 from this release was donated to the RAVEN Trust. One of the key barriers to justice is the high cost of the Canadian legal system. RAVEN raises money to help First Nations tackle the big issues of treaty rights and protecting traditional land and ways of life from the relentless reach of expansion. Learn more here.

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