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Lavender Wisp
Lavender Wisp
Lavender Wisp
Lavender Wisp
Lavender Wisp
Lavender Wisp

Lavender Wisp

2.1%, 750mL

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Wisp is Piquette’s alter ego. Perry comes together with a lavender, water and an orange wine skin cider shrub we made in house.

Prickly on the palate, Wisp doesn’t tip toe, it floats above the lavender fields. There’s weight from the perry despite the low alcohol (2.1%!). Floral bubbles play against the kiss of orange wine skins. 

Is it cider? Is it a cocktail?

It’s an omnipotent potable. Brilliant and built for indulgence. Designed for the dog days. 

This is the first of a series, so keep an eye out for other iterations in the future.


Okay, but what is this actually?

It's maybe the most Revel thing we’ve done.

Wisp is perry blended this with a house made Shrub. A Shrub is technically a vinegared syrup. We made one without the sugar: really, just a nice vinegar. In this blend, the perry lends sweetness so we didn't have to add sugar.

In the world of cocktails, vinegars of all sorts are often used in lieu of citrus to provide acidity. Known as 'shrubs' or 'drinking vinegars', they provide a more structured acidity to a cocktail.

Making our shrub-like liquid was a happy accident. It started life as a cider that we co-fermented with second use orange wine skins. Between wild fermentation and abstaining from sulfur, it went a little more acetic than we were hoping.

The vinegar was delicious though: orange wine tannins shine through the funk-laden liquid. (Hype Revel vinegar offshoot in the not so distant future? TBD.)

It also touched on some of our favourite things: wine, second use fruit, microflora getting a little out of hand, cider, and most notably: acid. The acetic acid of our shrub-like concoction provides just enough acid to make Wisp gluggable.

The addition of lavender gives lift, depth and a prettiness that makes Wisp sing.

Finally, we added pure, unadulterated, Guelph water. It’s got a high mineral content which gives juuust enough backbone to keep things interesting.


$500 from this release was donated to the Black Youth Helpline.

Black Youth Helpline serves all youth and specifically responds to the need for a Black youth service, positioned and resourced to promote access to professional and culturally appropriate support for youth, families and schools. Learn more here.

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