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The Orange Pack

The Orange Pack

The Orange Pack

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Orange wine is one of our favourite styles: richer and more fragrant than the white wines we know and love. Over the years we've discovered specific ciders that feel like orange wines too—no surprise, they also tend to be what I reach for (Tariq here! 👋🏾).

Joyful and wild, these ciders and wine are spontaneously fermented and made with minimal sulphur. Share them with someone nice, or keep them for yourself.

This pack includes 3 bottles for a small discount: one of each of the following.

Read all about them:

Bittersweet Freedom: My all time favourite cider we make. 100% Hyslop crabapples, this cider has chalky tannins, a big tangerine note and a touch of barnyard funk. It blew my mind the first time I tried it, showing me that cider can be just as interesting as the finest wines. 8.1% ABV | 750mL - Sparkling

Walden: Skin contact Riesling harvested in 2021, from vines planted in 1999. 22 days on skins. Super fragrant: think guava, white tea and sweet oak. It tastes of mango, lemon drops and ripe peaches, with delightfully chewy tannins. 10.2% ABV | 750mL - Still

Coat Jersey: A 200 year old cider apple from the U.K., now planted in Canada. This is our second vintage, but it's quickly become a new favourite apple. Big tannin but low acid, it drinks more like a grape wine than a cider. 

The apple tannins are chewy and plush, like an orange wine made from Chenin Blanc. Think honeysuckle, hazelnuts and bruised apples. 6.3% ABV | 750mL - Sparkling

Each bottle is 750mL, gluten free, zero residual sugar and vegan.

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