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Two's Company
Two's Company
Two's Company

Two's Company

Two's Company

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This pack comes with 2 aperitifs (1x200mL bottle of each) and a tote bag. It's a nice treat for you or someone you like. 

About the aperitifs:

Whistling in the Dark: A sweet, red vermouth made from apples, cherries, blueberries, De Chaunac and Gewürztraminer. We added anise hyssop, yarrow, wormwood and sweetgrass for bitterness and aroma. It's an earthy botanical treat made for sipping over a big ice cube, or mixing in a negroni.

Like all vermouth, refrigerate after opening and finish within 30 days. 

16.4% ABV | 200mL

Long Story: Is a sherry-like blend of saline, barrel aged cider (2019), with fresh, tropical Sauvignon Blanc (2021). Rich, salty oak melds with tropical lychee to create a mind-bending maraschino white-tea profile. It's weighty, low acid and still. Meant to sip and contemplate. 

Unlike our vermouth, we recommend treating Long Story like a regular bottle of wine and finishing it within 2-3 days.

10% ABV | 200mL

About the tote bag:

The incredibly talented Eva Claycomb draws all of our vermouth labels. She was kind enough to let us print a small run of tote bags with an old vermouth label — and we love them! They're 100% cotton, with a cotton strap sturdy enough to fit a hefty picnic.

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