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12%, 500mL

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What is Chardonnay?

For that matter, what is terroir?

We often feel that the human element is left out of the discussion of terroir. Chardonnay offers us an amazing opportunity to reflect on just how much humans are a part of our environment. Adair is our first Chardonnay.

Adair is the only wine we decided to add yeast to. We added Brettanomyces, grown from a culture that our friend Richard has kept alive for years. Brettanomyces is one of the most misunderstood creatures in the winery.

When given unfettered access to the sugars in grape juice, it can create wonderful ripe fruit flavours. Pineapple. Overripe apricot.

Adair is made by human hands, cultured Brettanomyces and following our fruit.

Oxidative pixie sticks, dry rice crispies. Baroque oil painting of an orange. Billowing silk.

This Chardonnay was grown in Beamsville, in 2017. Harvested almost exactly 2 years ago. Warehouse fermented, with Brettanomyces. Barrel aged for 9 months. Alive and ready to drink now.

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