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Blueberry Wine 2020
Blueberry Wine 2020

Blueberry Wine 2020

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We have a serious problem saying no to fruit. Last year each of our farmers had more fruit than ever before so of course we decided to bring in an extra 2000 lbs of blueberries.

Without any cider to add them to, we fermented them on their own. We added foraged spruce intending to blend it into a different project, but once we tasted it - wow!

It was a mind bending citrusy delight. Our plans were derailed.

We bottled it on its own, with a tiny bit of apple juice to protect it without sulphites.

What's it like? It has the tiniest amount of bubbles: glittery, not sparkling. It reminds us of black raspberries and grape candy. The spruce brings a bright citric acidity and the softest bitterness to reign it in. Complex, tart and very very fun.

5.7% ABV | 750mL


$500 from this new release was donated to True North Aid. They are dedicated to serving and supporting northern Indigenous communities in Canada through practical humanitarian support. Their mandate is to provide practical humanitarian assistance through initiatives established on eight foundational stones of support including: self-determination, reconciliation, water, food, health, housing, hope and education.

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