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Blueberry Wine 2022
Blueberry Wine 2022
Blueberry Wine 2022

Blueberry Wine 2022

Blueberry Wine 2022

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We have a serious problem saying no to fruit. And the prospect of making a wine from blueberries was too exciting to pass up.

We milled blueberries from the north shore of Lake Erie and let them ferment on their skins for three weeks with our native yeast—to try and stay true to the fruit. It spent 8 weeks in barrel before bottling.

The result is a mind bending delight.

What's it like? The aroma is a mix of ripe blueberries and the first leaf growth of the year. It transports us right to our favourite spring memories (in an imaginary world where blueberries ripened in the spring).

Fresh blueberries carry through in the flavour, with bright, round, Granny Smith acidity. The flavour is lighter than the aroma suggests—it reminds us of Balaton cherries and grape candy. Fresh, tart and very very fun.

What to pair it with: This vintage doesn't linger in your mouth for long, making it great for soft cheeses, white fish and lighter salads. It's perfect as an aperitif on its own too.

5.4% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Blueberries. Gluten Free

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar. Vegan.

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