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Callery Pear
Callery Pear

Callery Pear

5.8%, 750mL

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Callery Pear is a single barrel of spontaneously fermented Perry (from 2017), macerated on Callery Pears.

Our love for pears is no secret. When our friend and forager Nicolas Querques showed up in the middle of the night with two bushels of Callery Pears, we were blown away. This extremely small varietal has tons of tannin and sugar but is super hard to harvest due to its size.

Because we didn't have enough to press, we milled them and macerated them in our best barrel of Perry, made from Bartlett harvested in 2017. Our the last couple of years, this has matured into something truly beautiful. Callery Pears have added a delightful floral note, with serious Muscat vibes too. It's so good, I wish I could hoard it all to myself.

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