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Cherry Wine (Morello)
Cherry Wine (Morello)
Cherry Wine (Morello)

Cherry Wine (Morello)

Cherry Wine (Morello)

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Cherry Wine is a feather in our cap: some of the nicest juice from one of our favourite fruits.

Morello cherry wine is a little different from the Montmorency cherry wine we've made before.

Morellos are a darker, richer sour cherry with more pigment (they're red fleshed!) than the Montmorency.

What's the wine like?

It's a little more tart, with pronounced cherry tannins. Although it's a little more on the tannic side of things, cherry tannins are still a tad softer than grape tannins.

The vibe of the wine is like eating the richest cherries of the season.

Punchy acidity and lingering tannin that make it perfect for food pairing.

Drink it with buttery mashed potatoes, or stuffing, or anything a little on the richer side really.

*There are only 100 bottles of Cherry Wine available, so each label is handwritten and each bottle is numbered.*

5.2% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Morello cherries. Gluten free.

Wild ferment, zero added sugar. Vegan friendly.

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