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Ciderkin is a low abv cider that we made by soaking apple pomace in water after it's been pressed. It's the apple equivalent of Piquette.*

After pressing all of our foraged apples and Porter's Perfection (a UK variety, now grown in Canada) we soaked it with mineral rich Guelph water for a couple days and pressed it again. The result is a low abv crusher we want to drink all day.

What's it like? Low in alcohol, our Ciderkin is light and lifted, with a touch of acidity and a mouthwatering salinity. It's incredibly easy-going: the perfect beverage to start your night.

2.1% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Water, Foraged apples and Porter's Perfection apples.


*Piquette is an historic grape beverage, made by soaking grape skins with water after pressing them once to make wine. This 'second pressing' results in a low abv wine, perfect for when you're craving an easy refresher.

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