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11.5%, 750mL

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On good days, best friends come with the perfect mix of reliability and charm. Cleo reminds us of best friends; Each on their own individual journey, but always there when you need them. Cleo is Sauvignon Blanc. 

Sauvignon Blanc can be one of two things in our experience. A lychee bomb, driven by commercial yeast, or something else. Cleo is something else.

We've been working with this same plot of Sauvignon Blanc for the last three years now, tended faithfully by Ed Hughes. In previous years, the Sauvignon Blanc we've made has been good. We've since grown as people and winemakers, and we just knew that this fruit had the potential to be great. Cleo is great.

Cleo is Guava, lifted on a shining pedestal by the structure of neutral wood. Oxygen and our native microflora have come together with these grapes to create a round and soft pond of tropical silken joy.

Just coming into it's own, Cleo is ready to drink now.


Planted: 2011. Fermented with our native microflora, unfiltered and unfined.

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