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Esker is a golden plum cider from 2021 aged in our clay amphora for 4 months. We let it rest on Muscat skins from our ibi wines project for a few weeks before bottling.

What's it like?: In both aroma and texture, Esker has it all. Whiffs of candied grapefruit/watermelon mask the tannic astringency in the flavour. Esker is one of those rare ciders whose smell evokes memories of childhood sweets, while it's flavour fulfills our adult desire for bitterness.

The way these textural grape skins play with the saltiness of the clay make this one of our favourite expressions to date.

We could drink a lot of this blend but sadly Esker is one of our rarest releases with only 10 cases in existence.

6.6% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, plums, grape skins. Gluten free.

Zero sugar. Wild fermented. Vegan.

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