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Fountain is easy. We made it by steeping fresh blueberries in our wild fermented apple cider for a few months, with a touch of organic anise hyssop.

What's it like? Our first whiff of it transported us right inside a bag of Swedish Berries.

It's much more complex in flavour—the hyssop adds perceptual sweetness, lifting the blueberry notes in a delightful way. There's a savoury/saline quality here too that makes it perfect for food pairings.

Drink it as an aperitif, or with saltines and soft cheeses.

5.6% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, blueberries, anise hyssop. Gluten free.

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar. Vegan friendly.


$500 from this release was donated to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. They work on equality rights in relation to mental health, disability, gender, youth, immigration, refugees, race, poverty, LGBTQ2S+ rights and more. Learn more about them here:

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