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Good Morning
Good Morning
Good Morning

Good Morning

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Good Morning is a blend of cider and wine, aged on Guelph honeycomb.

We blended single varietal Reinette Russet with skin fermented Muscat Ottonel and Vidal. To this, we added honeycomb from local legend Dan Thurston (urban apiarist extraordinaire).

What's it like? Lemon peel-y Muscat Ottonel and peachy Vidal are bolstered by the waxy width and tangerine-like notes of fermented honeycomb. It smells like orange honey with hints of bergamot and drinks like a veritable nectar of citrus juice.

Bees and nerds agree, this blend is one for the ages.

10.2% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, grapes, honeycomb. Gluten free.

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar.

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