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7.1%, 500mL bottle

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Harblaze is a barrel of cider we made back waaay back in 2016. We aged it in a rye barrel for 8 months on 200g/L of Harblaze nectarines (Niagara grown) and bottle conditioned it for another 13 months. Lots of vanilla and cream from the barrel, with well integrated stone fruit character. Peach cobbler.

This is a pretty fun blast from the past because it was actually the first year we started making fruited ciders, that is: cider with fruits other than apples/pears. We’ve learned a lot since then, but mostly that nectarines are way better than peaches. More flavourful, better character from the skins, more get the point. We didn’t know this then, we just happened to get lucky...and meet the right farmers.

The Rye character in this has mellowed into a graceful beauty over the last 3 years. The nectarines are soft and subtle but well integrated as part of the whole. We don’t often release spirit barrel aged ciders, so this feels like a special detour on our cider making journey.

28 cases made.

This bottle has conditioned to about 3 volumes of CO2. Refrigerate before opening.

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