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ibi pre-release

ibi pre-release

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We're doing a thing!

All pre-release orders ship out the week of September 20th.

If you order this case with other products, they will all be held until then.

This pack features 3 of the freakiest wines yet from our ibi project - a collection of wines that are untethered, informal and a little wild.

You'll get 6 bottles total here: 3 different wines, 2 bottles each.

Each of these bottles feature an unusual non-grape ingredient. Two are made with organic botanicals, while the third was aged in a spruce resin barrel. 

Each spent time on skins, and each are bright and absurdly interesting. This pack includes:

  • 2 bottles of funky white paired with bergamot,
  • 2 bottles of a red/white (hybrid/vinifera) blend with Nepitella, and
  • 2 bottles of our local version of Retsina, 

Together these wines would normally go for $184 but if you pre-order them here you'll get them for $150 as a thank you for being a wonderful human and supporting our strange projects.

We'll ship these the week of September 20th at the latest. Potentially earlier if our labels arrive sooner.

These wines are best enjoyed while getting back into that analog hobby you've been meaning to return to.

This discounted pre-release pack will only be available until September 17th (provided we don't run out earlier).

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