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ibi pre-release

ibi pre-release

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Our midsummer pre-release is here!

All pre-release orders ship out July 31st.

This is a quick little release, for a very small allocation of wines. Yes, we realize that all these releases so far have been tiny but this one is particularly small.

Sometimes we get a hankering for the classics. We love hybrids, but heck, we also love Riesling.

This case contains 6 bottles of 3 different wines, two bottles of each. They were each grown by the same farmer in Beamsville Ontario.

2 Riesling, 2 Chardonnay, and 2 Sauvignon Blanc. All fermented with our native microflora. Sorry, I ruined the surprise.

These were each spontaneously fermented to celebrate the pure expression of these classic varieties with our native microflora. We made this decision in order to continue learning the intricacies of how our microbes interact with grapes. They've evolved some funny characteristics from spending most of their time in apple juice, mainly that they tend to be really really good at malolactic fermentation.

Riesling was the only one here with any skin contact and even this was light; just 8 days on skins after crushing underfoot.

If you don't have A/C, well...these won't fix that problem but they will help to cool you down. Each of these is marvellously crushable.

When these wines are released they will go for $180 total but if you grab them now you’ll get them for $165. Our way of saying thanks for helping us get through the next couple weeks. ❤️

Thanks folks - stay safe out there!

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