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10.5%, 750mL

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It’s just another fruit isn’t it?

That was one of many feelings going into this project, the naivety of thinking we’d seen it all.

Grapes it turns out, are very different from apples. Textured and perfumed in entirely unique ways.

Juno is a reach across these species and time.

Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling from 2018. Seyval Blanc from 2019. Co-fermented on the skins of each, Viognier and Dolgo crabapples.

An aromatic mosaic: the petrol of Riesling, pith of Seyval Blanc and assertive earth of the Dolgo. 20 months of skin contact offer multiplex textural experiences.

Dolgos have made their way into a few our blends, lending their distinct aroma and structural capacities to our beverages. An important part of both Luna and Elvi.

Juno is somewhere in between those sister wines. A better balance in our ongoing quest to bridge the gap between these two incredible fruits.

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