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12%, 750mL

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Chardonnay has always been a confusing fruit for us. We love it but find ourselves constantly questioning whether or not we understand it.

Oberlin is Chardonnay. 

Hubba Bubba bubble tape. Key lime pie made with just the zest and full fat cream. A marshmallow sandwich with overripe nectarines.

We make Chardonnay every year, and each time we ask ourselves whether we will do it again. We have this idea in our head of lovely brettanomyces driven juice, but we haven't been able to get there just yet. Winemaking is an ongoing journey - one where you get one shot per year. We'll be lucky if we get 40 tries in our lifetime.

I digress. The results of our ongoing adventure are delicious. Our native microflora want to create pixie stick juice. Sometimes it's best to be content with that. Growing up is learning to love your children, even when they don't turn out how you imagined.


Planted: 2006. Harvested: 2019. Wild ferment. Unfiltered, unfined.

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