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9%, 750mL

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The experience of being young is one shared by each of us. The ever present curiousity, zestful energy, and openness to change are all things we personally strive for.

They are crucial to our growth. As individuals, as a team, as a family.

Youth also comes with challenges. As humans, as artists, and as a winery.

Orenda is De Chaunac. Of vines decidedly not young. Planted: 1978.

Orenda was pressed whole cluster, fermented with our native microflora, and bottled Pétillant Naturel.

Zero sulphur, infinite joy.

Lightning strikes twice. Cherry gushers. Oasis funk.

Orenda pushes the electric personality traits of De Chaunac for the fore. Subtle complexities, hard to grasp, easily missed. A shimmer of carbon dioxide. A bubbly soul.

Orenda is a mutually inclusive interpretation of this special hybrid fruit. A testament to the possibility of making something new, something handsome, something enthralling; With incredibly old and unfashionable fruit.

Chill overnight before opening. Like all of our Pét Nats, open with glasses at the ready.

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