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Ostara: Dandelion 30L Keg

Ostara: Dandelion 30L Keg

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We've been working with a forager these last few months. His name is Nick Querques and he's been collecting some pretty exciting rare apple/pear varieties since we met him. 

This spring, he is harvesting a bunch of flowers for us, and we are going to do a little serious of ciders with them. 

Last year we released Ostara: a cider with golden plums and elderflowers. Golden plums are super characterful with their bright acids and ripe skins, but they also feel like the perfect base for floral spring aromatics. So for this little series, we are using a cider with 250g/L of golden plums as a base.

New Keg: Ostara: Dandelion - 6.9% abv.

This version was made with 30 lbs of dandelions that Nick and his family foraged for us a couple weekends ago during the first bloom. It's got a shockingly intimate dandelion aroma - like if you made a pillow out of dandelions and stuck your face in it, this is what it'd smell like.

It's got really zippy acid, with lovely pollen sweetness/texture as it finishes. It's super cool to taste something so dandeliony and so plummy at the same time. This cider has 250g/L of golden plums in it as well, as mentioned above.

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