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Pear Nat
Pear Nat
Pear Nat

Pear Nat

Pear Nat

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Meet Pear-Nat! A one-of-a-kind sparkling perry (read: pear cider) that was co-fermented with Seyval Blanc, a cold climate hybrid grape that isn’t recognized internationally but is prolific enough in Canada and the Carolinas to be called “East Coast Chardonnay.”
Pear-Nat is the collaborative brain-child of both Revel and the Grapes Witches. The goal was to create a one-of-a-kind, crushable cider—the kind of thing we want to drink every day.
How made it:
Made from Bartlett pears grown in Thedford, Ontario, the fruit was pressed by the farmer and then fermented with natural yeasts at Revel. The finished perry was then amped up with a dash of Seyval Blanc to intensify the pop rocks perlage (or bubbles) & bring some wine-like texture. Kinda like Tropicana with pulp but pears, gently shake to incorporate the cloudy stuff or pour the perry off the lees (a fancy word for dead yeast) – a real choose-your-own-adventure!
What's it like?:
It's kinda like citric gooseberries and fuzzy peaches jump into a Dita Von Teese-sized champagne coupe followed by Bosc pears and tart lychee.
High acid, textured and fresh, it really does leap from the glass, almost like something seasonal you’d otherwise be eating with a fork. The very embodiment of Good Things Grow in Ontario, this is the new wave of Ontario cider and winemaking at its very best — wild, experimental & always delicious.

5.6% ABV | 750mL

Pét Nats* like this one finish fermentation in bottle, so sediment is normal. Gently shake to incorporate it into the liquid, or pour slowly off of the sediment after opening—whichever you prefer!

Ingredients: Bartlett Pears, Seyval Blanc Grapes. Gluten free.

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar. Vegan friendly.
*Pét Nat is short for Pétillant Natural, or 'naturally sparkling'. To make a Pét Nat, we bottle the cider (or perry, or wine) before it's finished fermenting. The last bit of fermentation finishes in bottle, and the natural carbonation produced during fermentation is captured in bottle.
The benefit to making Pét Nat, is that you capture the delicate fruit aromatics that can be lost by fermenting in a bulk vessel, and bottling later.
$1000 from this new release was donated to Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami ($500 from us, and $500 from Grape Witches). They work closely with the four Inuit regions to present unified priorities in Ottawa and to improve the health and wellbeing of Inuit, through research, advocacy, public outreach and education on the issues affecting inuit population.

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