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Perijove 30L

Perijove 30L

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6.2% abv

May is always a funny time of year for us. As we wait patiently for our favourite red and purple fruits to ripen we start leaning on spring flowers and botanicals for new blends. But sometimes we find some gems hidden away in our barrel program. This is one of those.

Perijove is a blend of cider and perry (50/50). The cider portion of this blend was in tequila barrels for two years on elderberries. The perry portion is our 2018 vintage, aged on tannic apple pomace. 

The result is a beverage with prevalent tequila aroma, and an underlying chocolate/blueberry note you find from elderberries. Its got vibrant acid, tempered by the sweetness of our perry. Overall we feel that the fresh Perry addition nicely balances the intensity of the 2 year old cider.


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