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12.1%, 750mL

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Comfort is a funny thing. Being at ease is one of the most challenging states artistically. During the process of creation, there is a certain type of mental peace and comfortable flow only found in circumstances which challenge you.

As a wine, Poe is comfortable. It was also a challenge, emotionally.

Gewürztraminer on skins, macerated for nine days. One month in barrel, bottled young. A classic orange wine in many ways, it felt unbalanced in its youth; big aromatics and body, but lacking acidity.

Balance in a wine can be difficult to achieve, particularly as we are increasingly living in an unbalanced climate. I wanted to blend it with something more acidic, but thankfully I work with strong people unafraid to voice their opinions. We bottled it young and unblended because my teammates believed in what this wine could become on its own.

Thank you, Edial, Sean and Jenna.

Poe is special, and pushes my preconceptions of orange wine. It has the familiarity of bergamot, earl grey and orange rind without losing the unique character of Gewürz: that elusive tropical fruit, casually thriving in our northern climate.

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