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ibi summer pre-release.

ibi summer pre-release.

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Our Summer Pre-release is here!

These cases will all ship out the last week of May.

It’s getting warmer out and we’ve been thinking about what we want to be chugging during this summer’s virtual hangs.

Even though we’ll likely have to wait a few more months before we see y’all again, some of our wines are telling us they’re almost ready. Specifically a new hybrid red...

This pack features 3 different iterations of a single hybrid red grape, all from the same plot of land in Lincoln Ontario. Grown on deep sand, and plucked from vines planted in 1987.

You'll get our mystery red made in 3 different ways. 2 bottles whole cluster pressed, 2 bottles of it fermented on skins (and blended with a tiny bit of vinifera) and 2 bottles of a rosé interpretation (blended with a significant amount of vinifera). 

They’re all super tasty and very much fit the bill for crushing in the sunshine. They’re also all made with zero sulphur and fermented with our native microflora.

When we started pressing hybrids last year, we recognized that we really didn’t know much about them. We hadn’t had any examples of wines made out of them or anything remotely similar. Do you press whole cluster? Carbonic? Skin contact? We tried it as many ways that we could given the hectic nature of harvest (aka literal hell).

When these wines are released they will go for $200 total but if you grab them now you’ll get them for $175! Our way of saying thanks for helping us stay afloat during this crazy time.

All pre-orders will ship before the public release too, so you can say you got them first. Who says FOMO is dead? Show off your fancy bottles to all your Instagram followers. Make up some TikTok dances to go with your guzzle.  Vine them (does anyone still vine?) to your heart’s content.

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