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ibi wines pre-release.

ibi wines pre-release.

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Ooooooh. You found me.

4 bottles, and 4 cans of the newest vintage of ibi wines. Grab yours before everyone else, we'll ship them to you before they're released to the public. Be the coolest quarantined kid on the block.

This pack features 3 different wines. 2 bottles each of a white and a red (our first red!) as well as 4 traditional method sparkling cans.

When released, these wines will retail for $150 together. For being an early bird, you can snag them for $125!

These wines will ship the 3rd week of April, at the latest. We may get them out a week earlier, depending on how quick our label folks are.

And hey. Thanks for giving us this little bit of cash now to keep us going for the next month. 🖤

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