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Revel Cider Riesling Piquette
Revel Cider Riesling Piquette
Tariq Ahmed Revel Cider Riesling Piquette
Revel Cider Riesling Piquette
Revel Cider Riesling Piquette
Revel Cider Truck Riesling Piquette

Riesling Piquette

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Our second Piquette! We're pretty stoked on this one too.

This time round we used Riesling skins after running them through a Perry first. The liquid is apple water again, cryoconcentrated outside in the winter from apple juice.

Riesling Piquette has a cool geosmin/petrichor aroma. Like clean earth after a rainfall. It's also got some of those classic lemon aromatics from the Riesling skins.

Juicy, fun and friendly. At 4.8% abv it's pretty easy to crush. No added sulphites whatsoever.

Read all about the technical details below:

Piquette is a vinous drink, made by adding water to grape pomace (the seeds/skins left over after pressing). Because these skins have a little sugar and acid leftover, it's possible to make a 'small' wine from them.

Historically, Piquette was made by poor farmers for consumption by those who couldn't afford true wine. In our minds, there is a spirit of using every bit of your harvest in making Piquette.

In keeping with this idea, we didn't just use tap water to make our version of Piquette. We used apple water for it.

When we make Soma (our pet nat apple wine), we put 4000L of juice outside to freeze in the winter. This concentrates the sugars, acids, and tannins in the juice, which allows our Pet Nat to get up to 11-12% abv.

However after this process, we're left with giant blocks of ice. We melted this water, and realized it also had a tiny bit of sugar and acid left in it.

In the spirit of using every bit of our fruit harvest, we decided to add grape pomace to this apple water to make our own version of Piquette. We used some second use Riesling skins that we had previously aged Perry on and let them macerate in this 'apple water' for 1 month.

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