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6.6%, 750mL

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Rugosa is a cider from 2018, aged on cherry plums for 8 months.

After straining off of the plums, we added Japanese ocean roses that we foraged in June of 2020.

Ocean roses (Rose rugosa) were brought to North America as an ornamental. Their aroma is adjacent to classic roses. Reminiscent, but with distant memories of salt spray.

The acids here are high, a mix of plum acidity and the volatile acids produced by our native yeast. These are balanced by the soft texture of rose pollen.

Drink this bottle cold. For best results, grab your favourite bucket and keep this bottle on ice after opening.


$500 from this release was donated to the Alliance For Healthier Communities. They work in many different ways to promote community health and wellbeing across Ontario. They advocate for healthier public policy and a more effective, equitable and comprehensive primary health care system that addresses broad determinants of health. They also lead and participate in research initiatives designed to improve population health, advance health equity and promote health system sustainability. Learn more here.

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