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Sol II

Sol II

6.9%, 500mL bottle

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Peaches and Cream • Nerdy 

In the cidery, we drink most of our ciders still and at cellar temp. But you get most of them cold and sparkling. Our Sol series is an attempt to bring our cellar experience to you. Occasionally we find a barrel of cider that is complex and balanced enough that it can be served still. When we find a special barrel like that, we bottle it as is and release it as Sol. Sol II is a spontaneously fermented cider from 2017, aged in a sour beer barrel from our friends at Indie Ale House for 5 months. It smells like peaches, cream and lemon zest, stewed together for 24 hours. Zippy acidity and a touch of neutral oak result in a nuanced yet lively harmony.

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