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5.5%, 750mL

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Sol III is our attempt to pull back the curtain a little and show you what tasting in the cidery is like. We’re describing Sol III as a pear wine - because it’s a still perry and drinks like a wine.

This might have something to do with all the grape skins in it.

This iteration of Sol was aged on the skins and lees of Muscat grapes, then transferred onto Cab Franc skins giving it a subtle cedar spice. It’s hard to describe, but it’s kind of like if you blended rosé and orange wine with watermelon juice in northern Spain.

What does this mean for you? Sol III is a very similar experience to tasting out of the tank with us: stillish (there’s a slight natural bubble - glittery not sparkly), unfiltered (stir in the sediment!) and exciting. We tasted this and were stoked on how complex and layered it was and we wanted to share that experience with you.

Sol III pours the colour of a summer sunset and tastes just as sweet. Apricot sorbet melting down the side of your waffle cone. The last day of school where you didn’t need to bring your bag. Ruby red grapefruit juice and that Dole canned fruit nectar (the one with the cherries, obv).  Funky, hypnotic and assertive, but still enticingly pretty.

Keep Sol in your fridge and drink instantly once open. Or... age for a couple years. We have no doubt this will get better with time. We just have neither the space, nor the cash flow to hold onto it. Choose your adventure.

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