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Soma 2018
Soma Cider Revel Cider Pét Nat Apple Wine Motorcycle

Soma 2018

11.5%, 750mL bottle

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Soma is a zero/zero Pét Nat apple wine. We cryoconcentrated the juice for Soma by letting if freeze outside during the winter of 2018. We then let the juice spontaneously ferment outside as spring temperatures rose and bottled it early to allow fermentation to finish in the bottle. This year's vintage is rich, with notes of caramelized apple, spice, and a touch of sweetness. Restrained tannin, huge body and fresh acidity. Nothing added, nothing removed. For best results, refrigerate upright and do not agitate prior to opening. The carbonation is lively (about 4 volumes of CO2). Sediment is normal.

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