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Spring Grove 2-Pack
Spring Grove 2-Pack

Spring Grove 2-Pack

Spring Grove 2-Pack

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This 2-pack contains 1 bottle each of: Proof of Spring, and Car Full of Flowers. The first 100 Spring orders come with a little gift.

These blends are fruity and floral — 2 tasty everyday refreshers. 

Proof of Spring is maple sap with tinctures of birch bark, birch leaf and  willow bark. Drea (Spring's cellarist) grew up on a sugar bush and always wondered why no one ever bottled the sap on its own.

What's it like? Proof of Spring is the purest representation of a grove of maples, alongside birch and willow, just like they grow in nature. It drinks like iced tea with an orange rind garnish.

It's the perfect kiss of winter in the heat of the summer.

Willow bark contains Salicin, an anti-inflammatory compound similar to Aspirin. Those allergic to Aspirin, taking anti-coagulants or nursing should avoid this blend.

0.5% ABV | 750mL


Car Full of Flowers is a kombucha-adjacent elderflower soda, made from cider vinegar aged for 4 years on Riesling skins. We blended it down with water and steeped dried elderflower in the mix for a few weeks. 

What's it like? Car Full of Flowers is the closest of our original releases to wine. It almost reminds us of Muscat Ottonel. However, the acid is high (kombucha levels). If it's too strong, just dilute with a little tonic or soda water.

0% ABV | 750mL


Every Spring release is gluten free and vegan. Chill well before opening.

See the photos above for the full nutrition facts and ingredient lists.

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