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Spring Mix 2-Pack
Spring Mix 2-Pack

Spring Mix 2-Pack

Spring Mix 2-Pack

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We do not recommend ordering Spring products to the B.C. and Alberta right because these 0% ABV blends are more susceptible to freezing.

This 2-pack contains: Bright Green, and Garden SupplyThe first 100 Spring orders come with a little gift.

These blends are quite herbal and savoury - they're all about the botanicals.

Bright Green is a vinegar soda with lovage.

Lovage is a beloved herb to those who know it — like a cult high octane celery. 

It grows so vigorously that people use the stalks as straws for Caesar’s. Here we let the lovage the macerate for 10 days in our 4 year old cider vinegar.

What's it like? Bright Green is potent, saline, tastes just like celery. It's a bit of a mind trip - like a green smoothie without the colour green. If you don’t love celery, you won't love this. But if you're into cult-y herbs and/or love Caesars, we see you and we made this for you.

0% ABV | 750mL


Garden Supply is a tulip vinegar soda with tinctures of holy basil and sweet fern. 

We took our 4 year old cider-vinegar-on-Riesling-skins and added fresh tulips to it. Then we added the two herbal tinctures. Our original goal was to make strange but seasonal sodas. Garden Supply definitely fits the bill.

What's it like? Holy basil lays down a rich, savoury base. And the sweet fern is  green and earthy - a personal favourite. The tulips add a spicy romaine quality.

Overall, Garden Supply is kind of like walking through a garden centre and munching on the plants as you walk through. Let us know what you think!

0.5% ABV | 750mL


Every Spring release is gluten free and vegan. Chill well before opening.

See the photos above for the full nutrition facts and ingredient lists.

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