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Sprung is a strawberry rhubarb Shrub (vinegar soda, with a little sugar for balance).

We picked up fresh strawberries and rhubarb, and turned them into jam. Then we blended that jam with a cider vinegar from 2018, aged on Riesling skins for 4 years.

What's it like? Sprung is chock full of strawberries, with about 1/4 pound in each bottle. Rich, jammy strawberries are the first and last thing you smell. The sweetness here is perfectly balanced by the ACV, Riesling and rhubarb, taking this soda deeper into wine territory than you'd expect.

It drinks like strawberry wine with a garnish of sour candy.

0% ABV | 750mL

Every Spring release is gluten free and vegan. Chill well before opening.

See the photos above for the full nutrition facts and ingredient lists.

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