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Sumac is a project we did with our friend Nicolas Querques. The Staghorn Sumac here was gleaned after a couple days of Nick and his friends and family seeking out wild plants.

This year we made a tea with the sumac, and blended this with our cider. This batch is a blend of sumac tea, cider, and perry fermented on De Chaunac skins. Each portion was wild fermented, as is everything we make.

What's it like? This blend is tart, with some volatile acidity from the perry. The acid is balanced by the pears residual sweetness. It's a sipper, with nice width and fruit character. This blend is very moreish: pears, grapes and sumac work together for a real tasty experience. Overall, it's much more complex than last year's Sumac release.

5% ABV | 750mL

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