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Sumac 30L Keg

Sumac 30L Keg

6.5%, 30L Keg.

Please Note: All keg prices include a $50 refundable deposit.

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Sumac is a project we did with our friend Nicolas Querques. The Staghorn Sumac here was gleaned after a couple days of Nick and his friends and family seeking out wild plants.

This is a blend of ciders that lived in neutral oak barrels of varying ages - up to 2 years and as little as 7 months. We steeped foraged Staghorn Sumac in the cider for one month, the tannin and acidity of the Sumac balanced by the sweetness of the wood. This blend is tart, with some volatile acidity from the barrel aged cider. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are only delivering kegs to Toronto and Guelph currently. Shipping is FREE to these cities. If you do not live in one of those cities, we are unable to deliver a keg to you.

All kegs are Sanke (D coupler) style kegs, so they will need a regular North American coupler to tap them.

ALSO: All keg prices include a $50 refundable deposit.


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Guelph: Next Weekday

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