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Tepache 2018
Tepache 2018
Tepache 2018
Tepache 2018
Tepache 2018

Tepache 2018

Tepache 2018

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Tepaché is an old favourite of ours.

Traditionally Tepaché is a Mexican beverage, made with pineapple, spices, and unrefined sugar. We make it a little differently (and this time with 100% local ingredients!).

This iteration was made with apples and cherry plums, and aged in Tequila barrels for 2 years. Extended ageing has folded fruit and spirit into one.

Instead of using pineapples, we used pineapple sage. It's a tough ingredient, because you have to get it in liquid within a couple hours of it being picked. 

After a couple months maceration on the sage, we put it into bottles. We are so happy to be able to make this every year now, with 100% local ingredients.

What's it like?: The pineapple note from the sage is more present in the aroma than the flavour, without adding the biting acidity of pineapples. Don't get us wrong, this release is still pretty tart from the plums.

Tequila spice is also present in the aroma, replacing the spices we used to use. Tepaché 2018 overall is softer on the pineapple notes and a little more savoury with the sage. It's drier too, but still real tasty.

6.5% ABV | 750mL

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