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Turbo Diesel
Turbo Diesel
Turbo Diesel

Turbo Diesel

10%, 750mL

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Projects that span many years are both beautiful and exhausting. The emotional aspect of them takes a toll and replenishes you at the same time.

Turbo Diesel encompasses this contradiction perfectly.

2018 Riesling, Pétillant Natural, 9 days on skins.

This wine has been contradictory from birth. Uniquely fascinating - a Brutal of our own.

It was incredibly herbal in its youth: bruised basil and fennel seeds. It was also extremely unstable in its early days. This wine has come a long way.

It can be enjoyed in two ways, without disturbing the lees or with. The first method gives you 3 different wines, if you choose to drink it this way. Neapolitan ice cream was pretty good eh?

The first glass: classic, clean Riesling. Almost-standard sparkling, completely hiding what’s to come. The pilsner experience.

Second: slight haze. A light encounter of texture and herbal funk. Apricots have stopped by to say hello.

Third: a textural bomb. Stir the lees in and enjoy their width. Stone fruits galore. Freshly muddled herbs of yesteryear. Intensely characterful, with delightful bitterness. Exactly where you want to end up after the first two glasses.

This is a very highly carbonated beverage. It's not called Turbo for nothing. Refrigerate for 24 hours before opening and have glasses at the ready. Trust us, it’s worth doing correctly.

If you prefer consistency, gently turn and swirl the bottle upside down before opening. This will homogenize the lees and give you a balanced reflection of the wine in every glass.

Better yet, get two and try it both ways.

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