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Txotx • Plum
Txotx • Plum

Txotx • Plum

6.5%, 750mL Bottle

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Apple Skin Contact Cider with Golden Plums and Plum Leaves. 

Txotx (pronounced Choach) is our exploration into the world of long pouring cider, the traditional Spanish way. Instead of trying to recreate Sidra here, we decided to see what some of our other ciders would taste like when poured from a height.

Pouring from a height volatizes acids and aromas, giving this cider a brighter texture and bigger stone fruit aromas, energizing the entire drinking experience. Long pouring is the backdoor VIP entrance to all the flavours locked in this bottle.

To enjoy this cider, remove the cork and reinsert partially. It's now a spout! Long pour to your hearts content. Check out our favourite heartthrob Stephen (picture #2) for proper pouring technique.

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