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Vista is a wild fermented cider made with a financially irresponsible amount of Niagara nectarines and fresh mint.

We blended this cider with our orange Vidal for a touch of tannin and to amplify our stone fruit.

White grape skins, juicy nectarines and that minty cooling sensation are a combo that just makes sense. Peaches and mint are a classic pairing but finding them together without any added sugar is surprisingly hard.

Vista is perfect when you want something easy and uncomplicated that’s still wild fermented and totally dry.

What's it like? Mint is the star of the aroma, refreshing and uplifting. Peachy acid plays on the palate, with the slightest tannins from our orange wine.

Vista drinks like the first picnic of the season, when the air is brisk but the sun is warm. It's quintessential springtime: bright and hopeful.

P.S. I forgot to put 'Grapes' on the ingredients list on the label, but there are Vidal grapes in here. Really. I swear.

6.7% ABV | 750mL

Ingredients: Apples, Vidal, Nectarines, Mint. Gluten free.

Wild ferment, zero residual sugar, vegan.

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