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Maréchal Foch is so dang cool.

Ziggy is very fun, and a little comfortable: picking wild flowers and then refuelling with grandma's cranberry stuffing. Fruit gushers with a touch of sage and violet to back it up.

100% whole cluster - it’s Syrah up front but all Gamay/Pinot in the back.

High carb (malolactic Pét Nat) to keep everything loose. Let me drink it while riding a horse through Texas hill country, swiping wild violets along the way.

(Do violets grow in Texas?)

Cranberries galore. A little sweet, surprisingly. Mild funk to cross the finish line, this bottle keeps us coming back for more.

Ziggy was made from Maréchal Foch planted way back in 1972 - serious contenders for some of the oldest vines in Canada. We're very excited about these vines and can't wait to bring you more wine from them.

10.1% ABV | 750mL

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