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Zora is evolution in a bottle. It’s one of those beverages that changes significantly as you make your way through the night.

Zora is free run Cabernet Franc - picked in 2019 and planted in 1995. Zero sulphur.

Sip it over the course of one and a half hours. Get it cold first.

First impressions:

Massive pineapple aroma up front (hello Brett!).

Cherry Twizzlers fall into fresh marjoram. Just a little peppery. Fine bubbs.

Second glass:

Kiwi and homemade pear drop candy. 

Handpicked pears, by your kid/nephew/niece with real sticky fingers. Stewed peppercorns - without the spice. Volcanic sweetness.

Finishing strong:

Pineapples are back! Tinned pineapples, without the acid. Blessed apples + calm and collected rosemary wood.

The whole experience reminds us of going for a picnic on an overcast day - not 100% sure what you're getting yourself into, but determined to have a little fun. What’s life without a little risk?

12.6% ABV | 750mL

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