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Wickson is a cider made exclusively from Wickson crabapples. It's a cider we pressed in 2020.

We let it age in glass for just over three years before release: giving our native microflora time to layer complexity between the juice and skins of the fruit.

What's it like? Wickson starts with aromas of candied pear. It's high acid with a touch of acetic volatility—for those who prefer things a little on the wilder side.

It’s full of sweeter notes that balance that acid out: the aroma is kiwis and tinned pears in syrup, and it tastes of cinnamon, dried mango, lime soda and candied pear.

Chill well before drinking.

Wickson is a throwback to ciders gone by. We lived through interesting times, and through them made interesting ciders like this.

37 cases made. 

6.8% ABV |750mL

Ingredients: apples. Gluten free.

Wild ferment. Zero added sugar. Vegan.

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