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How to save a cider company

A month ago when shit hit the fan, it was sad but also kind of a relief. Like maybe all the day-to-day stress of trying to make things work was finally over.We’ve all read the phrase “if you want a small business to exist, you have to buy from them”. It often reads like blame, like you personally are the reason that something no longer exists. That’s never totally true, but I can say that you all are the reason that Revel in particular, still exists right now.Part of that initial relief was the thought: ‘if no one wants the...

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What is ibi?

ibi is the name of our sister project, focused on making grape wines that are . We make these wines in the same space, from fruit grown across the Niagara region. Why give it a different name? Well, the trademark for Revel wine was taken, so we kind of had to. We were a little bummed when we found out, but we took it as an opportunity to give our wines a different name, and a slightly different visual language as well. Like our ciders and vermouths, each of our wines is spontaneously fermented with our native microflora, unfiltered and unfined. We...

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The best apples of 2022

A preview of things to come. (This is a reproduction of an email from our newsletter - to get more content like this, sign up here) So last Thursday, myself, Sean and Logan (our two cidermakers) took a road trip out to Twin Pines Orchards—where the majority of our apples and pears come from. If you don't know, Twin Pines makes the best 'clean' ciders in the province, because they grow the best dang fruit in Ontario. They aren't freaky and wild fermented like us, and they're exclusively in 1L bottles, but you can find them online here. We don't get anything if you...

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How, and why I started Revel.

The real story. (This is a reproduction of an email from our newsletter - to get more content like this, sign up here) Hi there, My name is Tariq. I'm the founder of Revel Cider, but you can just call us Revel. We make a heck of a lot more than cider after all. Back in 2014, I was in university studying, but I'd always had an interest in unique flavours—the more obscure the ingredients, the better. I fell in love with fruit back in high school, after reading The Fruit Hunters by Adam Leith Gollner. Like many university students,...

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